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Students will use cardboard to create a piece of art inspired by the art of Jasper Johns, an american contemporary painter and sculptor. They will gain an understanding of symbolism in works of art.


-  Students will be able to compare their work to Johns and describe what is
similar or different.

-  Students will be able to discus how Johns uses logos and numbers to create
meaning based on the viewer's point of view.

Tools & Materials

- Pencil
- Scissors
- Corrugated cardboard
- Thin cardboard
- Glue
- Tempra paint


Jasper Johns -​ An American contemporary artists whose work plays on the viewer's
point of view by using numbers and common symbols.

Point of View - ​How the viewer sees the artwork. Everyone sees a work of art in a
different perspective.

Contemporary - ​“Right now” this is used to describe artists who are making work now.

Abstract Expressionists ​- A group of artists who desired to push the idea of art and
what was considered art. They were a group of men who rebelled against the skilled
old masters.



1. Before instruction, students will be asked to think about the meaning of numbers and draw a drawing based on these thoughts.

2. Students will then view a presentation about the work of Jasper Johns.

3. Students will then be given the cardboard rectangle they will be creating their work on. They will be asked to trace the shape onto a piece of sketch paper and use the space to create their artwork.

4. Students will be asked to pick numbers that mean something to them, and they will use the space from tracing the cardboard and draw the numbers in this space. This is how they will organize and plan their work.

5. Students will receive a piece of corrugated cardboard and a flat thin cardboard.

6. Students will peel off one side of the corrugated cardboard to reveal the textured corrugation.

7.Students will draw their numbers on the thin cardboard and cut out their numbers.

8. After students have cut their numbers out of the thin cardboard, they will use pieces of thick cardboard to add a 3D element to their work. They will glue one or two small piece to the back of each number and then glue it to the revealed corrugation of the thick cardboard. This will raise the numbers up from the background of their artwork.

9. Once the students have completed this section of the activity they will use the sketches they created earlier to plan out their colors. They can use any colors they wish but are encouraged to use the color schemes they learned earlier in class.

10. Students will be introduced to how Johns created his numbers with bold brush strokes. They will be shown how to create this effect using tempera paint.

11. Students will paint their artwork using brush strokes to define their numbers.

South Carolina Visual Arts Standards

Standard 5: ​The student will analyze and assess the characteristics and qualities of his
or her own works of visual art and those of others.

VA7-5.1 ​Compare various purposes for the creation of works of visual art.

VA7-5.2 ​Describe, discuss, and evaluate, both orally and in writing, the different
qualities and characteristics of his or her own artworks and those of others,
including works by South Carolina artists.

Standard 3​: The student will examine the content of works of visual art and use
elements from them in creating his or her own works.

VA7-3.3 ​Discuss the ways that choices of subject matter, symbols, and ideas
combine to communicate meaning in his or her works of visual art.

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